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Entry #1

Hello There

2013-02-01 07:00:26 by AnthemOfficial

If you like my somgs check out my Youtube channel: ture=watch

And als check out my soundcloud:

Have fun :)


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2013-03-08 06:15:58

Sup Smiley I just want to say not only your good at MKWII and GFX u also have a gift with audio :)

AnthemOfficial responds:

Thanks :D

i quit mkwii.


2013-02-01 07:51:51

Well, thanks :P
You seem legitimate, so I've scouted you for the portal. Good luck!


2013-02-01 07:16:54

Hey, welcome to Newgrounds! Your first upload is pretty good - what DAW are you using?

AnthemOfficial responds:

Hey Thanks Worked Hard On It :)

I use - Ableton Live 8.2.1 LaunchPad Edition

And i just looked at your songs and they are amazing :)

Also o i have a song named Cascade... but yours is better :3